Facts of the Month

FAFSA Help Is Available December 2018
Important FAFSA Software Shutdowns Coming!!! November 2018
Getting ready to file a FAFSA? Here are a few tips. October 2018
When it comes to federal Pell Grants and grants from the state of Indiana, did you know that… September 2018
An Increase in Pell Grants May 2018
Juniors, Go To The Awards Night At School! May 2018
Beware May 1! April 2018
Education Really Does Pay! March 2018
So you would like to work at Disney and have them help pay for college? February 2018
Still need to file a FAFSA? Here are a few tips. January 2018
Reminder, Indiana FAFSA Filers! December 2017
Need FAFSA Help? November 2017
Apparently the Robots Will Rule October 2017
The state of Indiana has increased its state grants rather noticeably, good news for Indiana residents attending accredited Indiana colleges and universities. September 2017
Texting, when is it a really good thing? August 2017
Breaking news! May 2017
FAFSA Filing Deadline Extended! April 2017
Attention Indiana high school seniors and current college students! March 2017
Attention Twenty-first Century Scholars!! February 2017
Where should we look for scholarships? January 2017
Is it good to work in college? December 2016
New federal Pell Grant tables were released recently. November 2016
There is a new financial aid myth out there! October 2016
Alert, College Students & Their Parents! Dropping A Class Or Dropping Out Of College Altogether This Fall Could Really Cost You! September 2016
Alert! Current Indiana High School Seniors Alert! August 2016
Federal Student Loan Interest Rates Drop July 1! June 2016
Alert! Current Indiana High School Juniors Alert! May 2016
Did you know… April 2016
You CAN go back again…to college! March 2016
Don't forget to file for the newly required FSA ID! February 2016
File for the newly required FSA ID now! December 2015
Reports show decline in student loan borrowing November 2015
Indiana’s CollegeChoice 529 plan is a winner for many Indiana families! October 2015
Can a Legal Guardian Borrow a Parent PLUS Loan? September 2015
Students who take 15 or more credits are more likely to complete their courses. October 2014
2014-15 Indiana Student Financial Aid Technical Difficulties/Delays September 2014
Hoosier 50 Hot Jobs August 2014
Citizenship, Permanent Resident Status & Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals March 2014
529 Plans and Changes to the Indiana State Income Tax Credit December 2013
New Parent Language/Options on the FAFSA November 2013
Learn More Indiana’s 2013 College GO! Week Campaign Kick-Off October 2013
Student Loan Interest Rates Double August 2013
What if I won't have my taxes done before my college or state's FAFSA deadline? February 2013
Cash for College 2013 January 2013
Stepparents Count! December 2012
A Note About 529 Plans November 2012
Filing the FAFSA pays in more ways than one! August 2012
Congress Approves Interest Rate Freeze Until July 2013 July 2012
What's The Correlation Between Family Income and Graduation Rates? June 2012
The Growing Divide: Education Attainment and Economic Opportunity May 2012
Federal Subsidized Loan Update: Change in When Interest Starts Accruing April 2012
March 10 FAFSA Deadline for Indiana Residents March 2012
Twenty-First Century Scholars Update February 2012
Unemployment and Mean Earnings January 2012
Mitch Daniels Early Graduation Scholarship May 2011
FAFSA corrections due by May 15 April 2011
Withdrawals from Retirement Accounts March 2011
Wonder Why These Are Tough Times? February 2011
Do the Federal Direct Student Loan First! January 2011
Why Colleges are Moving Up Their Deadlines December 2010
Increase in Pell Grant Expenditures November 2010
Student Trust Funds October 2010
Learn More Indiana's College Go! Week September 2010
FAFSA changes due by May 15 May 2010
Increased Pell Grant Qualification April 2010
Scholarships available to extraordinAIRy students March 2010
Talk to your accountant about education tax credits January 2010
Voting Rates Correlated with Educational Attainment October 2009
Colleges can deny access to Stafford loan September 2009
Decrease in Indiana State Grant Maximum Award August 2009
Inconsistencies in Federal Aid Usage by the Colleges May 2009
How the U.S. Compares on College Completion Rates April 2009
Increased Pell Grant Eligibility March 2009
10 Year Anniversary for The National Center for College Costs February 2009
Completed Degrees by Income Quartile January 2009
Students Should Not Work Too Much in College December 2008
Trends in College Costs and Financial Aid November 2008
States Importing the Most Out-of-state Students October 2008
College Degree Correlation with Household Income September 2008
Avoid Using Credit Cards for College Expenses August 2008
Ensuring Continued Access to Student Loans Act of 2008 May 2008
Community College Student Orientation April 2008
How Full-time College Students Spend Their Days March 2008
Pell Grant Increase for 2007-2008 February 2008
College Costs Reduction and Access Act January 2008
Trends in Minority Populations at US Colleges December 2007
Increase in Graduating Debt Load November 2007
US Ranking in Educational Attainment October 2007
Correlation Between Health and Educational Attainment September 2007
Growth in Financing with Private Student Loans August 2007
College Tuition Hikes July 2007
Increased 21st Century Scholar Eligibility May 2007
The Higher Education Reconciliation Act (HERA) April 2007
Federal Pell Grant Increase March 2007
Changes to the Federal Formula February 2007
Planning for College Funding Realities January 2007
Opportunities for 21st Century Scholars December 2006
College Pricing Trends November 2006
Ethnic Disparity in Postsecondary Education Attainment October 2006
Indiana High School Graduation Rate September 2006
Indiana College Completion Rates August 2006