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Attention Indiana FAFSA filers!

For many, many years a student’s FAFSA had to be filed by midnight on March 10 each year for the student to be eligible for a state of Indiana grant; furthermore, any corrections had to be made each year by May 15.

Last year, because of problems with the IRS Data Retrieval Tool that could be used to transfer student and/or parent tax return financial information to the FAFSA, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE) extended the filing deadline to April 15 for state grant eligibility.ICHE has decided to make the April 15 deadline a permanent change.

Also, there will no longer be a deadline to make FAFSA corrections that are required,
Although obviously a student will not receive a state grant for an upcoming academic terms unless required correction issues have been addressed. 

When the FAFSA is filed each college listed will see all the student’s information, except the full list of colleges to whom the student has sent information. (Some colleges had been using the full list to size up their competition and to see where they stood relative to the competition; the feds frowned on that and thus the change.) However, some states may require that the student list the colleges on the FAFSA in the order the student prefers them. We have confirmed with ICHE that Indiana will not require that the colleges be listed in the order of preference. Check with the other 49 states to see how they may prefer things when it comes to this issue.

Publication Date: August 2017